Avon Utility Reference

So, you have an accepted offer. You've come to an agreement with the sellers on the inspection. You just heard back from your lender, the appraisal came back good. So what to do now?

You need to set up your utilities in your name. Throughout the next few weeks, we will create local guides on available utilities in different communities throughout the Indy area. And our first stop, is Avon.

When setting up utilities, remember:
  • Coordinate the utilities to switch over to your name the same day as the seller has it transferred out of their name.
  • Communicate with the seller so they will not shut any utilities off (this will result in an extra set up fee for you, the buyer)
  • Give the utility company around a couple days to a weeks notice of the transfer.
  • Note that most utility companies require it be done on a week day.
  • Typically, utilities are transferred the day possession is handed over to the buyer.
Here is an easy go-to reference for utility companies around Avon, IN. Please let us know if we excluded any. We'll be happy to add it to the group. Check with your agent to determine which company serves your new home. 

Natural Gas Companies

Electric Companies
Duke Energy
Hendricks Power Cooperative
Indianapolis Power & Light Company

Citizens Water

West Central Conservancy District

Garbage, Waste & Recycling Services
Ray's Trash
Republic Services
Waste Management

Service Providers

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