Marketing Additions in 2012!

The Vargas Team is ready to step into a new marketing era for 2012!

We are happy to announce that we will soon be utilizing a unique marketing tool called Digital Home Info. As soon as it is up and running we will explain in more detail.

We will also be advertising all of our social media outlets on all our listings' brochures. This means that people will have more access to our listings which means more exposure of our clients' homes. Included in these brochures, are QR codes with a direct link to the property's website.

What is a QR code? "QR" stands for "Quick Response." This is what a QR code looks like:
How do you read the QR code? You must have a QR reader application on your smart phone. A free app that we recommend is "Red Laser." After downloading Red Laser or another QR reader, scan this QR code through the app and the code should direct you to the website we set this QR code to. Go ahead and try it now!

Did it work? What website did the code take you to? If you were able to scan it correctly, it should have taken you to www.carlvargas.com. The QR codes we are making for our listings' brochures will go directly to the listings' websites.

If it didn't work this time around, please contact us and we can help you set this up right away. You will start seeing QR codes everywhere from clothing catalogs to NFL advertising. So hop on board now so you can be part of today's technology with the Carl Vargas Team helping you along the way!