"Positioning" in the Post-2008 Market

The Real Estate Market Crash of 2008. To many potential sellers this is a pretty intimidating idea that could potentially serve as a major barrier in making the decision to put your house on the market. Many common thoughts and worries include "I shouldn't even think about selling now because it is such a strong buyers' market" or "My house will probably be on the market forever because there is such a great supply out there" or simply, "I have no idea how to stage my house for today's market".

The fact of the matter is, the real estate market has changed since 2008.  However, The Carl Vargas Team has changed with the times through the concept of positioning. Due to positioning, we have been able to not only keep up with our volume prior to 2008, but in many stats, we have exceeded production. Some of these statistics include Units Sold, Volume, Average List to Sell Price and Average Days on the Market. See our statistics below:
Numbers don't lie. It is proven above that we have changed with the times and are well-equipped to face this market head on. Through our unique approach in positioning, we will be sure to successfully ease some of those typical worries. Contact our team on how we can help position you in today's market.

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